Banana Pudding For Healthy Dessert Recipes

Many people eat fruits as their dessert after having breakfast, lunch or dinner. Do you know that fruits are actually not healthy for the system of digestion? According to the nutrition expert, fruits may not meet heavy food. You can eat other foods for the dessert except fruits. The important this is you have to have healthy dessert recipes.

There are many various foods can be eaten for dessert including pudding. For your healthy dessert recipes, writer suggests you to have banana pudding as the dessert recipe. Banana has many advantages for human body. Both of yellow and green banana are healthy for you. Besides, banana is easy to find.

banana puding banana-pudding-dessert

Banana pudding for healthy dessert recipes ingredients

To make banana pudding for healthy dessert recipes, you need to gather the ingredients as follow first:

  • 8 sweet ripe banana, clean and sliced
  • 200 gram sugar
  • 50 gram wheat flour
  • 30 gram cornmeal
  • 500 cc liquid milk
  • 4 yolk egg, shake
  • 60 gram margarine, melted
  • 5 gram vanilla extract
  • Banana crispy, refined

The directions in making banana pudding for healthy dessert recipes ingredients

Healthy dessert recipes had better is not only healthy for body but also easy to find, easy to make and everyone like. This recipe for healthy dessert has easy directions as we can see:

  • Combine flour, cornmeal and sugar. Stir and separate out
  • Boil milk and let it warn in room degree
  • Take 1 tsp., pour to egg mixed and pour it to first ingredient
  • Add the remainder of milk boiling, stir
  • Add banana, boil in the medium fire, stir till thick, lift
  • Add melted margarine and vanilla, stir
  • Pour to some bowl, to dust a banana crispy

After those directions, banana pudding is ready to be served for being a healthy dessert.