Decorated Butterfly Cakes Ideas And Design

Butterfly is known as an animal that has a beautiful appearance since it is much used as the emblems of goodness. There are many kinds of film that you know using butterfly as the main idea of character as Tinkerbell and Barbie. Besides, Butterfly is also many applied in Making butterfly cakes ideas and design.To make this kind of cake, there are many variations that can be inspiration for you.


Pink butterfly cakes ideas and design

Pink butterfly cakes ideas and design is a kind of butterfly cake that is designed with pink color dominant color. This pink color can make the cake looks more interesting and delicious. Just by staring at the color of the cake you will get famished instantly and make you impatient to eat it. This butterfly cake has charming taste and look that make many people crazy hungry.

Purple butterfly cakes ideas and design

The second decoration is purple butterfly cakes ideas and design. Purple can be the good choice color to be applied in this butterfly cake. The purple color can make the decoration becomes elegant and glorious, besides, you can also add the decoration of full of flower and butterfly on it. This will look like a real of butterfly moorland.


Spring sweet butterfly cakes ideas and design

Spring butterfly cakes ideas and design certainly will be a great idea ever. The spring theme is very fresh and tempting to see. The spring phenomenon is really wonderful and reamed by everyone. You can apply it in the butterfly cake combining with spring decoration. This certainly will be very beautiful scene to see. You can add the flower decoration that is combined with the tree and leaves that are falling down with the blue color of spring to get the real spring style of cake.