Dora Cake Cakes Ideas And Design With Piping Process

You can go with the selections of Dora cake cakes ideas and design which is made with piping process. However, you have to be careful for doing this process since it will result worse if you can’t do it perfectly.You can do the piping process on the hair, outlines, as well as spread for the rest. You can mix the colors that you love most and also mix it with dark brown for outlining the hair. For eyes and around the cake, you can décor it by using candy starts.

Simple instruction of Dora cake cakes ideas and design

Actually, Dora cake cakes ideas and design can be created without using any kind of pan. This can be done with carving process only by using hand. However, this Dora cake cakes ideas and design step is only recommended for those who have expert in creating any kind of birthday cake. After doing the carving process, you then can cover it with the modeling chocolate. Then, you can décor the sides and top of cake. You can play with candle to beautify the appearance of the cake.

You can createDora cake cakes ideas and design in chocolate butter cream for the flesh tone with the light hint of the color range for enhancing the coloring process. For modeling chocolate, all are colored with the powders for the candy that is made from the primary colors and also it can blend to match the palate of Dora.

Last but not the least, Dora cake cakes ideas and design instruction can be done with baked pan using baking process like the others caking process. For this process, you can trim the nose, ears, and also arms down in order to make it look closely like Dora. Then, you have to ice it in the butter cream then secure it to bottom of cake. This Dora cake cakes ideas and design can be continued by covering the bottom layer either in fondant bug and fondant decoration.