Easy Decoration Of SpongeBob Cakes Ideas And Design

The presence of SpongeBob cakes ideas and design are variously. For the simple SpongeBob cakes ideas and design, you can transfer the SpongeBob on to the sheet cake. Then, you can fill in by using gel or thinned butter cream. To make it look more attractive, you can go with jelly fish, extra plants, and others. You can décor also around the cake with several characters in SpongeBob cartoon. To beautify its appearance, you can play with the candle on the top of the cake.

SpongeBob cakes ideas and design in cupcake form

Besides SpongeBob cakes ideas and design which come in sheet cake, you can also go with mini cup cakes and cupcakes. For creating this easy SpongeBob cakes ideas and design, you will need mini muffin pan with the favorite cake mix. The frosting that you will need is in white, green, yellow, black, brown, red, and also a little bit of blue. Start the SpongeBob cakes ideas and designin cupcake form by arranging the cupcakes. To ease this process, you can browse the pictures of SpongeBob firstly. For creating the teeth of SpongeBob, you can use the marshmallows which are smashed as the shape of tooth. This recipe will deliver fun and simple as well as no cutting.

SpongeBob cakes ideas and design with easy steps

In order to make the Sponge Bob more unique and different with others, you can modify the recipe on internet or others source. For the body of Sponge Bob, you can go with the size around 13×9 and for the hands and shoes; it can be around 9×9. To complement the décor of the cake, you can go with yellow coloring. To avoid ruined taste of SpongeBob cakes ideas and design, you can go with sugar lit which can cut down on sugar also.

Last but not the least, you have to ensure that the SpongeBob cake is truly completely cool before it is started to cut. It is because cutting out the cake can make it into several separate pieces like shoes, hands, legs, nose, main body, arms, and sleeves. You will get better result of SpongeBob cakes ideas and design if you stabilize them together by using toothpicks. This will work much better than try to cut those into one solid piece.