How To Make Birthday Cakes In The Home

Cake is one of important elements that should be prepared in birthday party. To make your party different, you can make birthday cake with simple steps of how to make birthday cake as the guideline. Below are the tips that you must know.

make cake home cake in the home

The ingredients of making birthday cake

The ingredients in making the birthday cake should be prepared firstly before doing the ways to make birthday cake process. Things that you must prepare are:

  • the 250g of the dark chocolate, and broken into the chunks
  • the 150 g of the light muscovado sugar and complete it with 3 tbsp. or extra
  • 6 tbsp. of the cocoa (avoid using the one that has high cocoa content)
  • the 150ml of the sunflower oil (as preferences, you can use extra for the greasing)
  • the 284 ml of the post soured cream and also the 2 eggs
  • the 1 tsp. of the vanilla extract

Those ingredients should be checked before you are doing the process of how to make birthday cake. It is purposed to make sure that everything is well prepared and you can start to make the cake by following the direction.

The direction how to make birthday cake

The direction of how to make birthday cake steps are as following below. Do it orderly and make sure you understand well each step.

  • heat the oven up to the 190˚C to prepare the pans
  • mixing the sugar, flour, oil, cocoa, eggs, 100ml soured cream, 100ml water, and vanilla in large mixing bowl
  • Whisking all together until smooth. Then, stir quickly in about 100g of whizzed-up chocolate bit.
  • for icing process, put remaining chocolate bit, then soured the cream and 3 tbsp. of the sugar in saucepan
  • heat those gently, then stirring until chocolates are melting
  • chilling in fridge until firm for swirling on the top of its muffins

This one can be served for the birthday party and you will get the satisfaction since you do it by yourself. Moreover, the process of How to make birthday cake can be modified as what you taste.