How To Make Carrot Cake In Your Home Easily

Carrot is one of vegetables that are mostly hated by the children. Yet, carrot contains best nutrition for children in their growth especially for eyes. By this, you can make interested creation to make the children like to eat this one. Although you are newbie, you don’t have to worry since below are the tips of how to make carrot cake that can be used for guideline

homemade-carrot-cake carrot cake home

The ingredients to make carrot cake

In the how to make carrot cake steps, you must prepare the ingredients firstly. Those ingredients should be gathered on small station in order to ease the process of how to make carrot cake. Those are:

  • the 1 ½ cups of the vegetable oil
  • the 2 cups of the granulated sugar
  • four eggs that is still fresh
  • the 2 cup of the pastry flour
  • the 2 teaspoon of the baking soda
  • the 1 teaspoon of the salt
  • the 3 cups raw of the ground carrot finely
  • the 2 teaspoon of the ground cinnamon
  • the 4 ounce of chopped walnuts finely
  • the 1 tbsp. of the vanilla extract, and
  • the 1 ½ pounds of the powder sugar

Those ingredients should be prepared firstly in a small station before doing the how to make carrot cake process. However, you must know the direction of how to make carrot cake besides its ingredients.

The direction to make a carrot cake in the home

There are some steps that should be noticed in process of how to make carrot cake. The steps are as follows:

  • Preheat your microwave up to the 300˚ F
  • Mixing the eggs, sugar, and vegetable oil in the mixing bowl
  • shift together the baking soda, flour, cinnamon and salt in another bowl
  • Folding dry the ingredient into the wet mixture and blend those well
  • Folding in the carrot and then chopped the nuts until it is well-blended
  • Heat it in your microwave.

Add some creation of icing or filling to create interested taste and appearance. Those are the easiest tips of how to make carrot cake with simplest ingredients and directions.