How To Make Cup Cake Boxes Easily

Do you have a plan to open your own bakery shop? If you are interesting in building your own culinary business, especially cupcake business you should know everything about it. It may relate to the cake production to the cake boxing preparation. It is important to make a nice box for the cake since the box can be an interesting coverage to attract the buyer. This article provides you some tips how to make cup cake boxes while the steps for it will be elaborated in the next paragraphs.

cupcake boxes make cupcake box

The Supplies Required for How to Make Cup Cake Boxes

Making boxes actually need certain materials or supplies which are functional as the coverage of your beautiful cake. This article will provides you guides how to make cup cake boxes. To begin your action there are some supplies to make cup cake boxes to prepare.

  • 2 boards of poster
  • Hot gun of glue
  • Transparent gift wrap
  • Ruler
  • Exacto knife
  • A piece of cardboard (to avoid the cut scratch on the table)
  • Your cake board for the cupcakes

The Steps How to Make Cup Cake Boxes

After finishing providing the supply required for the process of how to make cup cake boxes, you can go on to the next steps. Everything relating to the steps to make cup cake boxes is shown below.

  • Measure the poster board
  • Draw lines to be the direction for folding
  • Put the cake on the poster board
  • Fold all of the sides
  • Remove the excess of the poster board with the exacto knife
  • Create a slit for each corner to create a flap
  • Glue the board edge with hot gun of glue based on the pattern
  • Insert the flap into its inner poster board part till sticking
  • Do the repetition for all sides
  • Add the gift wrap piece with the hot glue
  • Put the lid on the top part and it has finish now

Those all are some tips relating to how to make cup cake boxes. Such steps above are really easy since it is the most simplified way for creating it. Now, you can start build your own business in bakery world with the knowledge of cup cake boxes.