How To Make Wedding Cake In The Home

Making a wedding cake by yourself is an interested passion even you will also get many appreciations from the guests. In accordance with this, the tips of how to make wedding cake can be a good guideline. The things that you must prepare and do are as follows.

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The ingredients for making wedding chocolate cake

In a how to make wedding cake process, you absolutely need some ingredients. Those are:

  • the 300g of the dark chocolate and broken it into the chunks
  • the 200 g of the light muscovado sugar and also the 3 tbsp. extra
  • the 6 tbsp. of the cocoa (avoid the one with high cocoa content)
  • the 150ml of the sunflower oil (use extra amount for the greasing process)
  • the 284 ml of the post soured cream
  • the fresh 2 eggs
  • and the 1 tsp. of the vanilla extract

Those ingredients should be prepared before doing the process of how to make wedding cake. The next is starting the project by following the direction orderly.

The direction to make wedding cake

The direction in how to make wedding cake steps must be done orderly to get best result of cake. Read the following direction in how to make wedding cake carefully and make sure you understand each point as follows.

  • heat oven up to the 180˚C for preparing the pans
  • mix the sugar, flour, oil, cocoa, eggs, 100ml soured cream, 100ml water, and vanilla in large mixing bowl
  • Whisking all together until smooth then stir quickly in about 100g of whizzed-up chocolate bit.
  • for icing, put remaining chocolate bit then soured the cream and 3 tbsp of the sugar in saucepan
  • heat those gently then stirring until chocolate melting
  • chilling in fridge until firm for swirling on top of its muffins

Besides following those directions, you can also modify the process of How to make wedding cake with more simpler steps in which the ingredients are well-cooked. Try this tips for beginning and develop your skill in cooking by trying others recipe.