Simple Cake Decorating With Buttercream

It is true that buttercream is supposed to be your perfect accessory for any bake or cake you want to beautify. Cake decorating with buttercream can be found in some variations to try from the simplest method with sugar mix and simple butter to more challenging variations with mixing egg whites and sugar syrup or sugar combination. While there are some versions of cake decorating with buttercream like Italian, French and Swish buttercream, this article will take the common recipe of English dishes.

cake decoration with buttercream cake_decorating_buttercream

Certain Simplest Compositions of Cake Decorating with Buttercream

Cake decorating with buttercream which you will learn know is supposed to be fit for six big cupcakes. It is the cake measurement with eight inch of quantities. To provide the adequate ingredients for such cake quantities, the ingredients to prepare are:

  • 200 grams of icing sugar
  • Little milk
  • 100 grams of unsalted butter with good quality

Step by Step of Cake Decorating with Buttercream

From the three ingredients above the fresh condition is highly required if you want to make your cake decorating with buttercream more pleasing and tasty. To know what you should do with the ingredients above, follow some instructions of cake decorating with buttercream below.

  • Sift the prepared icing sugar into one bowl then set it aside
  • Chop the butter roughly in a large bowl for mixing
  • Beat the butter with your hand in a minute
  • Include icing sugar (two tablespoons) to mix with the butter in the bowl by using spoon
  • Add milk (a teaspoon) then beat it well together with the butter cream
  • Adding the color of your cake in the mixture
  • Prepare a wide opened bag for icing step
  • Move the buttercream into the bag (spoonful)
  • Keep the buttercream down to the bag

Those all what you can know from cake decorating with buttercream. For the variation, you can add certain extract dash like rose water, vanilla, lavender or peppermint at your ingredients before making the cake. You can also add lime or lemon, orange extract, or citrus flavor to enrich the taste.