Simple Method Of Barbie Cakes Ideas And Design

For those who want simple Barbie cakes ideas and design, you can go with smaller size of cake. You can do this by baked the normal cake and then shape it into the dress. Also, you can add the layers of the jam between slices of cakes. Then, cover it with the thin layer of the MARSIPAN which is absolutely in pink as most common color in Barbie.Then, the Barbie cakes ideas and design can be complement with the presence of frills on the dress. For this, you can take the Bougainville from the garden. With this recipe, your kids will scream out when cut the cake.

Barbie cakes ideas and design with long skirt

Since there is various kind of Barbie, you can ask your daughter to choose which one she loves is. Probably, they will choose the Barbie with long skirt. You don’t have to worry since this Barbie cakes ideas and design is also simple to do. First, you can take the leg from the doll which can be pushed onto top of cakes. Then, you can continue to tint and frost the cake in order to make it in well decorated. The decoration is variously, you can go with start tip, bag, and many more. To know more detail, you can browse the Barbie cakes ideas and design video with long skirt.

Barbie cakes ideas and design in princess theme

The characters of Barbie usually closely related with the life of princess. To make the Barbie cakes ideas and designin princess theme, you can go with chocolate chip cake. To make this recipe, you can use doll dress cake pan. This is done by purchased doll top that has the stick and allowed to be pushed down into dress part of Barbie cake. Then, you can make the wand from the pipe cleaner and get the wings from toys of several kinds. Beautify its appearance with some accessories like crown, necklace, and the others.

Additionally, to design the torso, you can do icing method as well as for decorating the Barbie dress. The colors depend on your preferences. You can go with the one that is favorite color of your daughter. Also, you can complete Barbie cakes ideas and design with strawberry which also as the place for stick the candles cake.