Sweet And Easy Chocolate Cupcake: Easter Cupcakes Recipe

Easter is a notable holiday for Christian people. Family will gather to pray together and have a feast. Therefore, people look for delicious dish to serve for Easter family gathering. One of famous and delicious dishes in Easter is cupcake. And now, the writer will show you a recipe of simple cupcake for Easter. It is a delicious chocolate cupcake which is easy to make. Besides, it does not take long time to cook. Let’s check this Easter cupcake recipe out.

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Some ingredients will be needed for this Easter cupcake recipe. Here are the ingredients you need:

  1. 150 grams of dark cooking chocolate, cut it into small pieces
  2. 120 ml of milk
  3. 30 grams of chocolate powder
  4. 130 grams of medium protein flour
  5. 130 grams of butter
  6. 3 eggs, separate the yolk
  7. ½ teaspoon of salt

Let’s Follow The Steps

After you collect all the ingredients, it is the time to follow the simple instruction. Be careful and patient, so your result will be mesmerizing. Here are the steps for Easter cupcakes recipe:

  1. Boil the milk and chocolate powder. Stir it well so it will not be thick. After it is even, turn off the flame.
  2. Pour halves of sugar and butter into the mixture. Stir it well and pour the yolk. Mix them.
  3. Pour the flour, little by little, while keep stirring the mixture.
  4. Shake the eggs, salt and the rest of sugar.
  5. Pour the first mixture into this egg, salt and sugar mixture. Stir it slowly.
  6. After it is well-mixed, pour the mixture into a muffin mold. However, you should cover the mold previously with paper cup.
  7. Bake it into the oven with 180 degrees of Celcius for 30 minutes.

Décor and décor!

After 30 minutes, you will have chocolate Easter cupcake recipe done. Those cupcakes are sweet as usual. Then, you can décor it as you wish. You can add butter cream, and spread some candies, or fruits, or others. Have fun with your Easter cupcakes. And happy Easter, people! May God always bless you.