The Supplies For Angry Birds Cakes Ideas And Design

There are lots of things that you will need for creating angry birds cakes ideas and design. In this, the supplies and ingredients are for the birthday cake in the form of cupcake. First, you will need sugars and sprinkles. You can buy those in larger sizes of containers from various products. Select the sizes and colors which are suitable for the cake that you will make.Also, you will need the mini marshmallows on the form of pig teeth and eyeballs. The mini chocolate chips in the form of pig nostrils and eyeball pupils are also needed.

Additionally, the angry birds cakes ideas and design supplies require the sugared gummy of orange slices in beaks. You will also need larger marshmallows which are not shown. In angry bird’s cakes ideas and design, you have to slice those marshmallows in slices for making the white bellies on blue and red birdies and also the pig snouts. The black licorice ropes are need for creating the eyebrows of angry bird. You can cut those to be ¾ inch in long pieces by using scissors.

The methods of angry birds cakes ideas and design

After gathering all supplies of angry bird’s cakes ideas and design, you can start to make the cup cake. The first and foremost, you have to choose the flavor firstly. The choices depend on your preferences but it will be meaningful if you choose the one which is loved by your kids. For instance, you can go with chocolate because many kids usually love to eat this. You can continue the angry bird’s cakes ideas and design method by frosting in blue, green, red, and yellow.

For creating deeper color of red, you can use e gel food coloring. Also, you can use the store bough frosting and tint those in different colors or you can create it with your own.Last but not the least; don’t forget to frost cupcake with base color. This will give the best result of angry bird’s cakes ideas and design.