Wedding Cake Toppers With Interesting Decorations

Beautify your wedding cake with attractive topper design so it perfects your wedding party decoration. For sure, the greatest wedding cake toppers are the toppers which are created appropriately to the cake size so it looks balance. Furthermore, it can enhance the beauty and elegance of the wedding cake. Not to mention, bakers always make new innovations and creations for making toppers for wedding cakes. If you wish to have a unique cake topper for your wedding, you can request to the bakers the design you desire.

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  1. Flower Cake Toppers

This is interesting decorating wedding cake toppers with flower ornaments. This decorating idea is commonly made for beatifying the wedding cake decoration. Amazingly, the flower ornaments are designed as pretty as exquisite in several dimensions from the cute small to the big ones. For balancing the cake decoration, the flowers are designed appropriately with impressive colors and shapes. Then, it can be placed on the top of the wedding cake or the border area of the cake.

  1. Ombre Cake Toppers

The more interesting decoration of wedding cake toppers is making a unique ombre. Ombre is definitely awesome to set in the tier wedding cake. Mostly, it is put into wedding cake at least triple tier cake for wedding. This idea is great for it can emphasize the perfection of the wedding cake decoration. Ombre can be created as creative as artful depending on the theme of the wedding party. It can be elegant, classical, or crowded.

  1. Crumb Topper Ideas

Further, the other wedding cake topper idea that will inspire you is crumb topper for wedding cake. The crumb is able to create as unique as inspirational with romantic words. For instance, you can write ‘I Love You’, ‘Love’, and much more. Interestingly, the creation of the crumb can be made uniquely as it is shown in the example of wedding cake toppers below.